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Thursday, October 6, 2011

"Reflections" in the art of Bjorn Runquist

When visiting Bjorn's studio in Kent, CT, last weekend I inquired about his series of paintings on "Reflections" painted last year for a show at the Landing Gallery. Looking at the Hoosatonic River he reflected on it's physical size and "that it would never be the same...only place I could really see the sky was in the river, sort of a world upside down". 
West Cornwall Covered Bridge, ©VCP2011
 His home is nestled at the intersection of the Macedonia Brook and the Hoosatonic River, in a landscape over powered by the Macedonia State Park to the west and Wyantenock State Forest to the North. Not unusual that Kent School where he is head of French Department has a very high caliber of Art Education and Languages. The local lore tossing around those hills, is that new new ideas are born of Old Woods.

Old Woods, Journal Entry,©VCP2002

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